Testimonial from Priya’s Mother

Thank You Preeti. I Cannot forget that you literally walked with me in my moments of despair. You gave me hope that my child Priya, Can be helped even as i type my eyes swell with tears and flow down my cheeks .No Amount of money can

From confidential client

Dear  Preeti, just wanted to express my deepest thanks and appreciation for the months of your help last year and earlier this year. The therapy was a great release for me. There was good relief and with it brought lots of healing, mind space, change in perspective

Testimonial from Stella

My experience with psychotherapy has been truely rewarding. It has helped me to walk out of the darkness,and i find myself continually improving still everyday. I have fortunate to have been guided by Preeti Pandit who is well established and  expert in the field of psychotherapy in

How behavior changes

How behavior changes

How behavior changes   Initial Stage /Phase 1: Analytical thinking This process involves an increased to their thoughts, feelings, actions, physiological reactions, and ways of reacting to others. If depressed clients hope to make constructive changes, they must first realize that they are not “victims” of negative thoughts