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Client Say’s

Hi  Preeti

I just wanted to drop a line and say hello. Hope you are well. If you remember I used to see you for depression/ anxiety. I’m doing better now holding a stable job a year now and progressing. Family members are well too. I often think of the words of wisdom from you during one of my toughest times in life. 

Thanks for your great help. I appreciated the holistic healing approach you took and very insightful words which make a lot of sense to me now, though may have been unpleasant to hear before. As Chinese saying goes, bitter medicine is always good medicine.

Take care!

From ST

Dear  Preeti,

Just wanted to express my deepest thanks and appreciation for the months of your help last year and earlier this year.

The therapy was a great release for me. There was good relief and with it brought lots of healing, mind space, change in perspective of my problems, and a realignment of the priorities in life. The world is a big place. Slowly and surely, i have hope and light in my life again.

what you have shared with me during the sessions we had have indeed helped tremendously. I will be sure to refer anyone I know who needs similar help to you.

Thank you and all the best to you

From confidential client

Thank You Preeti.

I Cannot forget that you literally walked with me in my moments of despair.You gave me hope that my child Priya, Can be helped even as i type my eyes swell with tears and flow down my cheeks .No Amount of money can be paid for this kindness of Yours.Priya is now in Atlanta since August 9th.She is Fine and Happy doing non paid Internship for the break from the school.It is an NGO.

Only that i pray for divine Guidance both Financially and in other ways.She is sharing a 3 room apartment with two others .So She doesn’t feel lonely.She is an independent Person.She is more or less settled and getting adjusted. Thank You so much for helping Priya to get back on her feet!May You and your family be blessed with Good Health and Happiness. I am busy now,school exam period.

From Priyas Mother

Doc has helped me with issues i didnt even know i had. trust her, follow her advise and you will be a better person

From Bangkok

Its been exactly a year now since I met Dr Preeti . This was at a time when I couldn’t really figure out what was happening to me and why I was always filled with fear, negativity and sadness all the time

After consulting with her for a year now, my life and relationships have gotten so much better , being so educated I couldn’t understand one simple thing – take care of your own self also, when I started doing that by doctors constant reminders and weekly sessions , things changed drastically

Firstly she drilled it into my head that am not wrong, my problems and feelings should not be ignored and the best thing I’ve done is to seek help

Gradually turns out , not just did I need help , even my partner needed it as much as I did although he felt he was perfectly fine. Doctor help has brought in a lot of discipline in our life thereby helping better our relationship, total win win for us

There are some doctors who are available only by an appointment, but doctor preeti although extremely professional, she really accommodated me and assured me that she was available for me over phone if I ever needed her – and to me that’s really saved me alot , professional yet warm and caring , that to me is a blessing.

I’ve visited 2 counselors before, and they used to give me very generic answers that even my parents give me – and before I left their clinic they prescribed me medicines to calm myself and sleep better , but that wasn’t really the solution to my problems.

Dr Preeti on the other hand dint even feel the need to prescribe medicines and began to hear me out and help me fix even the tiniest problem to the smallest feeling or thought that affected me, not just that , during my counseling she would mentor me and help make plans and solutions to better things and not just figure it out on my own.

by Anonymous

Doctor Preeti Pandit has been instrumental in bringing the subtle nudge in my son’s life which has made course correction in his emotional journey.