Thank You Preeti.

I Cannot forget that you literally walked with me in my moments of despair.

You gave me hope that my child Priya, Can be helped even as i type my eyes swell with tears and flow down my cheeks .No Amount of money can be paid for this kindness of Yours.

Priya is now in Atlanta since August 9th.She is Fine and Happy doing non paid Internship for the break from the school.It is an NGO.

Only that i pray for divine Guidance both Financially and in other ways.She is sharing a 3 room apartment with two others .So She doesn’t feel lonely.

She is an independent Person.She is more or less settled and getting adjusted

Thank You so much for helping Priya to get back on her feet!May You and your family be blessed with Good Health and Happiness .

I am busy now,school exam period.

Wishing You a Happy & Blessed Diwali 2014