Mind Therapy


Online counselling for Covid 19 patients on digital Zoom and webinar, is worth doing at this time helping people those who are going through global pandemic ,panic, depression,and mentally distrubted .The future of the planet will be comfortable pedestal as seen from past .After every destruction new construction comes up , after every fall spring blossom. We have seen global pandemic after World War 11, many countries were erased to the ground, no food was available ,and now see all countries have risen.

Psychologist offers
treatment for

Panic and generalized Anxiety disorder (GAD)

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Specific Phobias

Psychological treatment for Eating disorder – Eating disorder is a serious problem. Psychologists evaluate the problem arising due to drug addiction, depression or anxiety before she precedes the treatment.

Treatment for Depression – Psychotherapist dedicates complete assessment of previous history to design and customize treatment plans which include occupational therapy, or cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) .

Treatment for ADHD –(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Treatment includes neuropsychological evaluation, psychotherapy as well as neuro-feedback to treat adult attention deficit disorder (ADD) as well as teenage and adolescent (ADHD) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and children with ADHD .

Bipolar – The symptoms are as follows: Severe Mania , Moderate Mania ,Hypomania with normal mood, Mild Depression, Moderate Depression, Severe Depression .

Overwhelming sadness, loss or changes in mental and body energy. Inflated self-esteem on grandiosity. Feel restless, changes in sleep and eating disorders. He or she may be more talkative than usual. Having high ideas that their feelings are racing. Excessive involvement in pleasurable activities that have high potential for painful consequences like engaging in tense unrestrained activities, buying spree, sexual indiscretions, foolish business investment. Hallucination and delusions of thoughts can lead to suicidal symptoms.

It can be controlled by a combination of medicine and psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is aimed at alleviating core symptoms, recognizing episode triggers and by reducing negative emotions in relationships. Psychotherapy improves the mental health and treats psychological disorders, facilitates the resolution of interpersonal conflicts, improves memory, reduces stress and helps rationalise difficult issues related to everyday life

Parenting process entails the essential task of nurturing self–esteem and confidence in the children. It involves imparting good values and imbibing morality in them. Parents-to-be must have adequate preparedness, resources and support to guide them through the child rearing process.

Personality Self projection is considered one of the most profound and subtle of human psychological processes and extremely difficult to work with, because by its nature the skills backing it are hidden and when projected to the outside world are called creative. Improving self projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of these creative and unconscious impulses or desires without the conscious mind recognizing them.

Relationships Dealing with a failed or failing marriage can be a traumatic experience. The role of a marriage counsellor is crucial to restore faith in such situations. Take a closer look at the art of new age marriage counselling. Read on the published blog written by me.

Schizophrenia The causes of this disorder may be due to extremely traumatic incidents experienced during childhood , such as child abuse from which one did not recover .Poor self esteem , or may be heredity .Such experiences lead to develop a multiple personality disorder as a mechanism of denial of reality and its acceptance. The sufferers of this disorder have had a perfectly normal childhood and have yet developed these symptoms .This may be due to a certain dysfunction in the working of the brain. Tranquilizers and energizers are of great benefit in the treatment. Antidepressant is used to increase alertness and interest and to elevate mood. Acute schizophrenic patients usually respond to drug treatment.

Worries and Stress Worry is defined as excessive focus on something that might happen but hasn’t happened yet and often associated with catastrophic outcomes. It is like a haunted crystal ball, tormenting the mind with a terrifying view of the future. Continued behaviour of this kind creates anxiety, stress and an unstoppable mind racing with thoughts of the worst consequences.Not being able to control the habit of worry leads to excessive mental activity even in the night thus disturbing sleep and causing insomnia.

Family Group therapy helps suffering families to healthy relations.
Psychotherapists gather data from concerned parents, spouses, and/or siblings to find sustainable approaches of coping with life impacted by cycles of illness, loss, relapse, and caregivers. Understanding the emotional personalities of the wounded family system and members’ , impaired coping methods. Understanding the forces that freeze members in rigid relationships, training given to release the perpetuated illness. Developing strategies to pursue healthy change and intervention. Parting with specific techniques for responding to interactions that would be contributed to holding the family system which is not aligned with norms of the society .