Psychotherapy or counselling is a process which takes place  in a session focused on healing and give more  constructive approach to deal with the problems .There is no harm in visiting psychotherapist Millions of people visit a psychotherapist every year and most research proved that people who do so benefit from the interaction .

Psychotherapy is time limited and focuses on specific goals.

How   Psycho-therapy works?

Psycho-therapy   enhance healthy mind and affective thinking. This can prove to be a priceless asset in any profession. With positive thoughts, one will approach work with rejuvenated confidence, communicate appropriately, co-ordinate with others effectively, organize time efficiently and perform the tasks with overall objectives in clear view.

Psychotherapy must be adapted to meet the developmental needs of children also.

Preeti Pandit highly recommends her clients with combination of psycho – therapies   in healing the emotions and to improve every aspect of their health affecting their future growth and also enhancing their contribution to their organization and to the society.